Which CAD programs do you work with and which drawing formats can you provide?

In the 2D area, CoCreate Drafting (ME10) is used and we can provide you with the drawings in .mi, .dwg and .dxf formats.

Can your welding machines also be integrated into existing systems?

Yes, our welding machines are equipped with a servo drive and can therefore be integrated into any existing control system. An angle encoder is required on our part.

Can the SBT modules also be integrated into existing systems?

Yes, because SBT modules are driven by a servo motor, they can be integrated into existing systems with little effort.

Which control components do you use?

We use control components from Sigmatek.

Do your machines have a production data acquisition system?

The welding control systems can be coupled with production data acquisition at the customer's request. The machine itself has a data acquisition system or the tool and/or production data is also logged.

Can your machines be checked remotely?

We can access our machines via remote maintenance if they are connected to the Internet. An interface is available on the machine.

What drawings do we receive on delivery?

All drawings containing data specific to the customer product are output on delivery.

What is the availability of spare parts?

Electronic and mechanical wear parts are in stock at SBT and can be delivered within a maximum of 3 working days, depending on the distance.

How is the machine maintained?

The machine documentation contains a lubrication schedule for the machine and the modules. The machine and modules are maintained in accordance with this schedule.

Who are your main customers?

Our stamping and bending technology customers are suppliers to the electronics and automotive industries, mainly in connection with contact welding technology. However, we also have customers in the medical technology and telecommunications technology sectors. The reason for this is the versatility of our products.

Can stamping and forming machines be linked to an ERP system?

Punching and bending machines can be equipped with a barcode scanner. Production data can be reported back via a text file. Integration into the network is required as a connection.

How is your machine integrated into our network?

The machine has an Ethernet interface. This allows the machine to be assigned an IP address.

Can punching and bending machines be operated autonomously?

If the basic conditions such as autonomous energy supply, box changer, material supply, etc. are in place, the machines can work in autonomous mode.

Do you need specially qualified personnel to operate your machines?

No, specialist personnel are not required. Only brief instructions are required to operate the machines and change the modules.

What are the main advantages of SBT machines compared to conventional stamping and forming machines and presses?

SBT machines act as a platform for modules for punching, bending, pressing, welding etc ... Thanks to their modularity, the modules can be set up and combined according to production requirements and are therefore independent of process sequences and procedures.