MultiLine – The flexible production line

The Multiline is configured for complex tasks in the area of precision parts. Up to 15 operating modules can be positioned on the even wider contact plates (depending on the module width) – with just a few turns of the hand here as well.



  • 1,600 mm clamping plate
  • 15 synchronous servo drives
  • 2 servo stamping machines that can be integrated
  • modular machine pedestal
  • flexible production line for complex applications
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Modular design concept

The process-independent platform of the MiniStamper (basic dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 2100 mm) can be assembled and modified as required. The individual modules can be simply unplugged for quick changeover and exchanged with a changeover trolley. Machine plates with T-slots ensure precise positioning.

Compatible work modules

Bending module, punching module, riveting module, contact welding module, threading module, pilot module, radial module, precision punching module, tong feed module, eccentric punching module (up to 8 t). If necessary, the platform of the machine can be protected with a protective hood. The protective hood has doors on the left and right sides that can be swung open upwards.

Central control/operation

Each module is driven by a separate servo motor, which is synchronized via the control system in the console cabinet. The servo drives for the individual modules are selected via a touch screen. The operating sequences can be tested and operated individually with an electronic handwheel. The motor parameters and settings are stored in the mold memory - programming knowledge is not required.

Machine base and clamping platens

The machine base is not modular, but is available with a machine bed length of 1500mm. The modules can be positioned as required on the machine base by means of clamping plates in the feed direction. The dimensions of the clamping plate are

Application examples

Item: Contact spring
Carrier material: CuBe
Contact material: AgNi
Performance: > 250 strokes/minute
Item: Fixed contact
Carrier material: Messing
Contact material: Silver wire
Performance: > 100 strokes/minute
Item: Contact bridge
Carrier material: Cu
Contact: Profile tape
Performance: > 80 strokes/minute
Item: Relaismontage
Socket: Thermoplastic
Performance: > 25 strokes/minute
Special feature: Special version MultiLine

The product highlights

  • Up to 15 machining modules can be integrated
  • Up to 15 synchronous servo axes
  • Integration of one/two servo punching machines possible
  • Machine bases can be flexibly combined
  • Machine can be expanded at any time



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„A solution for complex tasks.“

The Multiline for complex tasks in the precision parts sector.

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