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Special solutions according to customer requirements

SBT's engineers have more than 20 years of experience in tool making and in the realization of production lines for complex shaped metal parts. The design and manufacture of special machines and the development of individual process solutions are also regular tasks for us.

The MiniStamper in special design
The  left press module carries out a continuous
The press module on the left performs a continuous punching stroke, while the module on the right operates discontinuously; the loop serves as a buffer.

Engineering Performance at SBT

All-round carefree package

Based on the available modules and technologies, the most economical system is selected, the components and tools are calculated, and the production output is calculated. The offer also includes the system- and product-specific peripherals. The customer thus receives transparent and complete plant and tooling costs - a turnkey system that makes it much easier to calculate the final product.

For extensive projects, the engineering team demonstrates its experience beyond the quotation:


  • Testing and optimizing complete manufacturing processes
  • Evaluating bought-in components
  • Calculating plant costs and production output
  • Calculating space requirements

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