Always the right accessories

The effectiveness of a production line stands and falls with the associated peripherals. Therefore, SBT also offers you the appropriate accessories with the systems to ensure your optimum production process.

Here, we rely on long-standing, reliable partners - however, the individual devices of external manufacturers are optimized and adapted to your individual requirements at SBT.

The vacuum punching slug extractor

safely removes punching waste from your die and prevents it from coming up. These are sucked into the loading container - from where they can be emptied. Vacuum monitoring ensures smooth operation. Attached rollers allow you to use the suction cup on multiple machines.

Lubrication metering devices

In order to ensure an appropriate tool life, it is necessary to equip the machine with a suitable minimum quantity lubrication system.

Straightening units

„A problem is only the beginning of the solution.“

We offer our customers an all-round carefree package.

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