Weld round wire and profile tapes

The HSG-500-E contact welder is the basic unit for the welding of round wire and profile tape contacts. Its production capacity: up to 350 welds/minute.
The equipment has a very compact form as a result of the welding tongs design. The welding is done horizontally at a 90° angle to the carrier strap. The unit is simply turned for the welding from beneath.

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Advantages of the HSG-500-E

  • Contact cut by cutting elements on the inside
  • Individual feed of the contact cuts under the electrode
  • Vacant welding environment – shunts are an impossibility!
  • Directly coolable pin electrodes with 6 to 12 flat working surfaces
  • No dirt contamination

Special features in the process

The contacts are separated by internal cutting elements and brought individually under the electrode. For this purpose, the transport slide is controlled via a bell curve. The electrode takes over the positioning of the contact sections. During the welding process, the welding environment is free, as the contact sections are only locked by the electrodes. Unwanted shunts are a thing of the past. The electrodes are pin electrodes that can be cooled directly if necessary. The 6 to 12 working surfaces of the electrodes are flat, so dirt deposits have no chance.

Efficiency in production

Cam-controlled sequences ensure first-class welding quality even with fast work processes. The proven cassette quick-change system for different contact welding wires or contact welding profiles allows you to change over production in no time at all.


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